Our hotel has 23 rooms, including 2 family, 5 terrace rooms.. They are suitable for single, double, triple, family (4-6 person) accommodations.. All balconies overlooking the sea and Terrace rooms has the unique  sunset view..

Standart rooms                                Family rooms                                                                   Terrace rooms

Air-conditioned                                 Air conditioned                                                              Air conditioned

TV                                                        TV                                                                                       TV

Hair-dryer                                          Hair-dryer                                                                         Hair-dryer

Shower                                               Shower                                                                              Shower

Balcony                                              Balcony                                                                              Balcony

Wireless                                             Wireless                                                                             Wireless

                                                                                                                                                          Sun beds

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fax_iconFax:0252 622 07 31


Çalış Plajı 48300 Fethiye/Türkiye